Download Eng Sub | YOUNIQUE UNIT – ‘MAXSTEP’ MV [HD] Terbaru Gratis

By | October 23, 2018

Deskripsi video :

Judul Video : Eng Sub | YOUNIQUE UNIT – ‘MAXSTEP’ MV [HD]

Deskripsi video Eng Sub | YOUNIQUE UNIT – ‘MAXSTEP’ MV [HD]

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‘MAXSTEP’ featuring performance of Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation), Taemin (SHINee), Henry (Super Junior-M), KAI and LU HAN (EXO)!

S.M.Entertainment and Hyundai Motor Company collaborated to release ‘PYL Younique Album.’

The song is not so nice, but awesome dance!
Love how HyoYeon got her spotlight!
This unit is missing out TVXQ’s Yunho! xD

English Translation source: thecolorcodedlyrics

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96 thoughts on “Download Eng Sub | YOUNIQUE UNIT – ‘MAXSTEP’ MV [HD] Terbaru Gratis

  1. ParkBom Pham Post author

    this is my feeling: the opening part is quite boring, and Taemin's voice is too good to sing this bullshit song, surprisingly I don't like Hyoyeon much but I have to say her part is the only part that caught my attention

  2. morehable Post author

    well i guess this justifies the fact that they're a dance unit, this song is bad, and im not saying this because i dislike these people, it's just really bad

  3. Maria Contreras Post author

    I really don't like the song or the video, in my opinion the song just felt like it was all over the place. The dance it was cool but it really catchy eye how ever the only part that I did like was when Henry did the little scream tords the end

  4. brknwngz04 Post author

    Seriously, your music taste is down the drain. This song is SHIT! Pity the artists, they are great on their own. But making them together and sang this shitty song, that is just.. absurd.

    And, FYI, No one cares what you think.

  5. EmmaSalut Post author

    I have a bad taste in music ? darling, I'm so fucking curious about your taste. We all like kpop here and if you dare to say this song is " SHIT " then darling, you're the biggest shit here, just like your name, you're a " mizery " .

    And no, no one cares about what haters like you think. Go and listen to your beyond perfect taste in music and f-uck yourself, dear.
    Have a nice day. 😀

  6. Diana Jewel Post author

    Eunhyukkie looks soooo hot *-* He´s WOW
    Such a sexy & adorable Monkey…his voice definitely melts you down like Ice Cream

  7. Dafne Gurrola Post author

    dude if you here to say shit. get lost. we dont wanna hear you complain. if you dont like it then why the hell are you even on here. go get lost . i bet your one of those new kpop wanna be's because of gangnma style. you dont even know what being a true kpopper means

  8. noémi bora Post author

    I think it's just another collaboration… i don't think it's bad but it makes a kind of vierd feeling that they take the BEST dancers of SM , but they didn't want good singers in it……:/ kind of sad

  9. Jasmine Kang Post author

    Ok. I feel stupid for asking but… I'm sorry, but WHERE LE F HAS TAEMIN'S EYEBOWS GONE? Hyuna in gangnam style all over again… NOT TO HATE, JUST MY OPINION. ^^

  10. Maya Green Post author

    this is probably just a sub-group thing like TaeTiSeo, or one of the Super Junior sub-groups, so everyone of them will still be in their groups but also in this.

  11. SR Lawas Post author

    maybe it just me… but when i heard hyoyeon "Growling in the air" for the first time i thought it was " Glowing in the air"

  12. everydaydreamer1 Post author

    what actually MAXSTEP means???…at first i thought they sing NEXT STEP….haha…or it could be like MAX STEP!!!… like changmin(TVXQ) step…understand???haha..(not funny at all)… or do it men something like max -big….BIG STEP…im giving up….maybe im not clever enough to get it…:P

  13. Bee Bee Post author

    As expected, the song doesn't really make sense (to me), but I loved the lyrics to Hyoyeon's rap! This MV is so awesome!!!

  14. Pressica Thapa Post author

    so love this video yes the song is not like awesome but comeon it is good the first part is very catchy i guess and the expressions of kai were awesome i wonder why didn't sm keep more girls in this mv i think it would have much better but still love in with song<3

  15. Pressica Thapa Post author

    taemin taemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemintaemin<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  16. jamrockprincess Post author

    I think I like this song! I mean it's only like the 10th time pressing the replay button but, I think I like it! Lol

    Lol I can't wait for what this group comes out with next!!! The sound is freaking AWESOME!!!!

  17. Rosa N Post author

    i like this song is not for me is the song to dance more
    I look for this viedeo Hyoyeon and famous people that I know

    HYOOOYEON! * _ *

  18. LaNa NaNa Post author

    HYOYEON unniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie she killed it she is so pretty and her voice was amazing she is so perfect she's the dancing queen definetly ^______^

  19. LaNa NaNa Post author

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HYOYEON UNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE SHE IS SO AWSOME I CAN4T STOP WATCHING THIS AMAZING SONG

  20. Hasnidah A.D Post author

    I don't know if anybody replied but here's the people in the mv.

    0:23 – Super Junior Eunhyuk
    0:29 – Exo-k Kai
    0:35 – Super Junior M Henry
    0:38 – Exo-M Luhan
    0:41 – SHINee Taemin
    And the one and only girl (YAY! GIRL POWER!) – Girls' Generation Hyoyeon

    Hope this helps. 😀

  21. lilspazzyone Post author

    i do too but at the same time it kinda made it more epic when she came out all of the sudden and kinda had a spotlight moment.

  22. Muse_TM16 Post author

    I think it means their at a MAXimum step or the best dance
    considering they are the main dancer.hence the comparison to surviving as the best in a professional stage

  23. dinkbink Post author

    i honestly thought that the person the unit missed was Changminnie…
    lol, sorry bad joke. sorry, lol.


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